Sr had a passion for life’s offering and was provided 95 years to pursue many. Needing an extra semester, he obtained his Shaw High School diploma. After Sr met Joanne Carran he sharpen his focus and graduated from Western Reserve University in four years. Post college and marriage to Joanne, his abilities became apparent. He modernized his father-in-law’s somewhat sleepy printing company, allowing it to flourish for many decades when many competitors ceased to exist. He became an instrument rated pilot and as a challenge decided to obtain a merchant seaman’s rating.

He loved to read about chemistry, physics, computer science, industrial engineering and mathematics. He was not one to pickup a text book but he subscribed to a multitude of thought provoking magazines and journals. He had a good working knowledge of these subjects and enthusiastically imparted this knowledge to others, especially for use in real world applications. He also subscribed to countless historical, archeological and outdoor sports magazines.


His interest in professional sports was nominal. Outdoor activities were a whole different thing. He was a cracker jack skeet shooter winning many club tournaments. He, along with his beloved dogs were avid bird hunters. He loved English Setters and they definitely adored him. Interestingly, he would have nothing to do with deer hunting or any type of “big game” hunting. He loved fishing in Lake Erie, the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Saskatchewan and the saltwater off the coast of Florida. Later in life when he could no longer walk the high grass, he became an advocate for rescue dogs and truly treasured their companionship.


He worked throughout his 80s and only after Covid hit did he begin to wind down his working career. After the passing of his wife Joanne, he needed to keep his 90 year old mind and body active. He bought a “fixer up” home in Novelty and went to work. He did all the planning and engineering for this significant undertaking. He provided a respectable amount of his own labor to the cause and often solicited the help of his four grandsons. He certainly was not bashful when advising the four of what and how the task needed to be performed! Two years later with the project completed to his specifications, he began to allow himself rest. In his last couple of years his personal enjoyment was provided by working Sudoku puzzles, watching all sorts of educational TV programs. He was particularly enamored with all episodes of Dr Pol.


Dr Suess must have been thinking of Sr when he penned “Don’t CRY because it is over, SMILE because it happened”



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